Equine therapy & rehabilitation mctimoney animal practitioner

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As well as being a registered McTimoney Animal Practitioner, Amanda is also a Chartered Physiotherapist. This means that Amanda is able to treat both people and animals.

McTimoney treatment can be undertaken on all animals. I routinely treat horses and dogs. Any dog will benefit from the treatment but it can be particularly helpful for working dogs, agility dogs, and racing breeds such as greyhounds where an increased level of stresses and strains are placed on their joints. Also, show dogs benefit from treatment as it can help ensure symmetry in the show ring.

Treatment is just as important for the every-day pet, as well as show and working dogs, particularly as activities like jumping on and off furniture, running up and down stairs, getting in and out of the car can all lead to misalignments which may need attention. Also, older dogs that may be suffering from age-related conditions such as arthritis or general stiffness will benefit from regular treatment. As with the horse, the treatment will not directly resolve the joint pathology but can help to ease associated stiffness or muscle spasm.

Common symptoms the dog might portray include:

  • Change in behaviour – aggression, reluctance to go on walks
  • Drop in performance – noticed in the working breeds
  • Crying out
  • Sensitivity when being groomed or stroked

Again the list could go on!