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Like people, animals suffer from musculoskelatal problems. These can lead to pain, loss of mobility, stiffness, loss of performance or even behavioural changes. McTimoney Therapy can help to relieve these problems in a gentle, effective and non-invasive manner.

Amanda is a McTimoney Animal Practitioner as well as a Chartered Physiotherapist. She regularly travels throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset and can offer a treatment and rehabilitation programme tailored specifically for you and your horse from the comfort of your own home.

As well as offering treatments for your horse, Amanda is also able to treat you as a rider and offers a unique and bespoke service, allowing you and your horse to be treated simultaneously, achieving maximum results in performance and keeping you on the road throughout the season. Regular check-ups of your horses back, as well as saddle and teeth checks can be a cost effective way of ensuring that you deal with any small problem as it arises, before it escalates into something much larger and costlier, both in monetary terms and in down time for your horse.

Another very important, but often over-looked consideration, is your own physical health. An asymmetric rider can cause back pain in the horse regardless of how well a saddle fits, or how often its teeth and back are checked. Being a rider herself, Amanda understands the every-day stresses and strains placed upon you as the owner and rider.