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Horses don’t get back pain

My answer is simple – show me an athlete that doesn’t get pain / discomfort / stiffness / an alteration to the ‘norm’ call it what you will. Most of what we deal with is due to at some point a mechanical dysfunction. Mechanical meaning associated with joints / ligaments / tendons / muscles etc – we all have them and therefore we all share the ability for them to become problematic. The only difference is we can verbalise the fact that we get discomfort. The horse can’t tell us, and so in the ideal world get them checked routinely and in between times ‘listen’ out for non verbal clues!

The pelvis / back was out and the back person put it back in again

My answer is simple – if it was ‘out’ where has it gone? Seriously though this is my pet hate and I hear it every day. I do believe it is purely confusion in terminology. As McTimoney practitioners we talk of misalignments. This is not what you might think of as a dislocation or even a subluxation. In very simple terms think of the joint becoming stuck, muscles not allowing free range of movement within that joint. The rapid and precise adjustments aim to restore joint motion and relieve any associated muscle spasm. We are not ‘moving’ bones from A to B or even C.