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Gaining Veterinary consent

I just want to mention that it is in fact a legal requirement for your vet to give consent for anyone to treat your animal. This is written in the veterinary act and ensures that you are getting professional treatment from a fully registered and insured practitioner, be that McTimoney, physiotherapist, osteopath etc etc. Yes this is different to human medicine, I work as a Chartered physiotherapist in a busy self referral department for the NHS and am fully aware of the differences. However it is the law! I believe it actually protects those of us who are practising ethically, legally and professionally.

I will always ask my clients to gain consent from their vet before I agree to treat and I will ask for a signature to guarantee this has been done. I am fully aware that there are people out there who do not ask for this, I should let you know that they are acting illegally and can you therefore be sure they are fully qualified and insured, they most certainly are not professional.

A full vet assessment is not always required, however, if I  suggest that you involve the vet in the care of your animal it is not because I want you to spend more money, it is because I believe this is the best way forward in my professional opinion. When I have suggested this and then hear that the owner has gone to a ‘therapist’ who does not need to involve the vet or even ask for consent it saddens me. Normally the reason for this is to save money, however it is not good for the profession, for relationships, but more importantly for your animal, and probably in the long run the purse strings! Please ensure your ‘therapist’ is fully qualified and acting legally.